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Music of Spheres


ArcA Bertrange
17 rue Atert

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PTOLEMEA - “Music of Spheres”

Believing that the expansion of the universe is connected to ...



PTOLEMEA - “Music of Spheres”

Believing that the expansion of the universe is connected to the expansion of every living soul, Priscila Da Costa got inspired by the theory in which the astronomer Claudius Ptolemeus took part in: the so called “Music of the Spheres Theory" which measured the distance of the planets in our universe with musical intervals. This approach echoed with Ptolemea's vision of writing about humanity's constant search for balance.

Nature and its elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air - allowing us to recharge and to refocus in the process, enables us to find not only the strength to move forward but also to transform ourselves, to grow and to become.


On April 13th at ArcA Bertrange you can experience the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air – as a ritual for the soul, amplified by exclusive projections and a customised light show accompanied by Ptolemea’s mesmerising and vibrating live show.


As such, Ptolemea invites you to an immersive live experience to delve into the essence of their latest album “Balanced Darkness” and explore the interconnectedness of nature and consciousness.


Join us for an intimate exploration, where music and visuals converge in an authentic and beautiful encounter.

Purchase your tickets now and be part of a transformative evening with Ptolemea.


Limited to 159 seats only, so make sure to secure your spot!



13-04-2024 - 20:00
ArcA Bertrange
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Price category Cat. 1
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