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Ticket refunds - the health crisis brings its share of constraints

As a result of the imposed security measures, several events initially announced since mid-March on luxembourgticket.lu had to be cancelled or postponed. In some cases, the organisers of the concerned events are offering to refund the tickets.

It should be emphasised that postponements and cancellations of events are at the discretion of the organisers and that it is the organisers themselves who decide to make use of refunds or any other form of compensation.

luxembourgticket follows the recommendations of the organisers in order to satisfy customers as much as possible.

Given the large number of requests in the current context, the usually rapid reimbursement phase may be extended to several weeks.

For any additional questions, please contact the reception desk:

- by e-mail: info@luxembourgticket.lu with the subject "Refund".

- by phone from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6.30 pm: +352 47 08 95 1