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Disquiet (Festival du Cinéma Portugais)

Festival du Cinéma Portugais


Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg


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O Filme do Dessossego Portugal 2010 | vostang | 90' | c | De : João Botelho | Avec: Cláudio da Silva, Pedro Lamares, Ricardo Aibéo | D'après Livre(s) de l'Inquiétude de Fernando Pessoa 

-> Meilleur Film, Autores Awards 2011
Lisbon today. In a room of a house at Douradores Street, a man invents dreams and theorizes about them. The essence of the dreams itself becomes physical, palpable, visible. The text itself materializes in its musicality. And, in front of our eyes, this music can be felt with the ears, brain and heart. It spreads itself in the street where the man lives, in the city that he loves above all and over the entire world. A restless film based on fragments of « The Book of Disquiet », by Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa.
« How high is the price to pay for a high intelligence? This movie is about the chaotic creative process of Fernando Pessoa, the poet 'who had all the dreams in the world in himself'. Probably one of the best movies about writers that I've ever seen. » (MUBI)
« As a film about a disquiet soul, Botelho delivers true passion and poetry about the images the poems reveal. In a very urban way, this work shows a little bit of chaos within soul and city. » (Rafael Zen)

19.11.2018 - 18:30
Disquiet (Festival du Cinéma Portugais)
Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
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